Make Herbal Scrambled Eggs on Neopets

Neopets is a virtual online community to win in the user games Neopoints and purchase items for their Neopets. Certain foods are created on Mystery Iceland on Neopets with saucepan. Unfortunately, players can not create Herbal scrambled eggs or other medical foods use saucepan. All medical foods or foods used Neopet to cure the disease, must be purchased. are fed

Herbal Scrambled Neopets with Chickaroo state when Neopet thinks it is chicken. only cure for Chickaroo is Herbal Scrambled eggs, there is no medication or lost Remarkable Restorative alternatives. Login to your Neopets account.

Make Herbal Scrambled Eggs on Neopets

Click on your active Neopet. Ill pets will look sad or sick rather than typical range of emotions. On left side of Neopet picture there is red cross with information on your pet’s illness.

Be sure your pet has Chickaroo before purchasing Herbal Scrambled Eggs. Hover mouse over Shops on navigation bar at top of page. Click Neopia Central from drop-down menu.

Find Pharmacy on map of Neopia Central. pharmacy has array of medicines for various illnesses. Locate Herbal Scrambled Eggs in shop’s inventory.

Check your Neopoint balance at top right of screen to make sure you have enough Neopoints to pay for Herbal Scrambled Eggs. Click on image of Herbal Scrambled Eggs and click Okay on pop-up window. You will be able to haggle for lower price on following page.

Ask for lower price from shopkeeper on next page. Continue to haggle until shopkeeper accepts your asking price. Once item is yours it will be added to your inventory.

Hover your mouse over Customize on navigation bar. Click Inventory from drop-down menu. Locate Herbal Scrambled Eggs in your inventory and click on image.

From drop-down menu on pop-up, choose Feed To your Neopet that has Chickaroo.

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How to Make Herbal Scrambled Eggs on Neopets

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