Make Herbal Facial Toner

Facial toners are used to condition in order to hydrate and soften the skin. They can also contain components, will improve skin color and texture. Herbal Toner are preferred choice for those that are all natural, additive-free product, or by people who are sensitive to components of trade marks.

Here’s herbal tonic that can be easily made at home and used to improve all skin types. It is gently disinfect and to eliminate detoxify pores with tea tree oil and witch hazel pads. Aloe vera gel will cure any existing damage to the skin cells.

Make Herbal Facial Toner

Peppermint oil will brighten your complexion and rose will moisturize and repair your skin with natural vitamin C. This mild but effective toner can be used every day and its positive benefits are cumulative. Open bottle and place funnel in opening.

Pour in distilled water. Add witch hazel. Add tea tree, peppermint, and rose absolute essential oils to contents of bottle.

Remove funnel and set it aside. Replace cap of bottle and shake it gently for about one minute to combine all of ingredients. Use cotton balls to apply herbal facial toner to your skin following your daily cleansing routine or after washing off facial mask. Because this formula is alcohol-free and non-drying, it need not be rinsed off.

Allow herbal toner to air-dry on your skin for best results. You can also finish by applying light moisturizer with sunscreen.

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How to Make Herbal Facial Toner

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