Make Halloween Come on Bully on PS2

You play as Jimmy, young troublemaker whose mother has just left doors Bullworth Academy for year in Bully. As year progresses, Jimmy and Bullworth students spend their time making mischief. You must complete certain missions to advance seasons.

Halloween, for example, comes after complete mission of candidates which should help Ernest, unpopular boy at school, running for class president. Despite playing game until mission is available to candidate. Candidate opens after completing mission Bucky Defender.

Make Halloween Come on Bully on PS2

Head to marker on your map between hours of eight in morning and 6 30 in evening to start mission. Run to auditorium, which is marked on your map, as soon as Ernest asks you to meet him there. You fail mission and must try again if timer reaches zero.

Stand on glowing marker once inside auditorium. You automatically enter manual aiming mode and take out slingshot. Watch your radar for moving red dots. These dots represent jocks that are coming to ruin Ernest’s speech. Jocks appear on catwalk, in aisles and behind stage. mission ends if too many of them hit Ernest.

Look at Ernest’s health bar to see his remaining energy. Press Up on directional pad to zoom in, allowing you to see jocks better. Hold down R1 to charge slingshot and then release button to fire at jock.

Tap R1 to fire quickly if you don’t have time to charge shot. Defeat all jocks to complete mission.

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How to Make Halloween Come on Bully on PS2

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