Make Good Quality Solar Panels

Many people these days want to change solar energy, but ready-to-install kits can be terribly expensive. Alternatively, you can only buy solar cells and your own solar panels built to reduce the current expenditure. Solar panels are not very difficult to make even for the average craftsman.

What’s more, you do not need any special tools or materials for the construction. basic elements required can be easily purchased from the local hardware store. Arrange 36 solar cells in six rows on plywood.

Make Good Quality Solar Panels

cells must be facing down. Solder arranged cells together and connect them using copper wires. Start soldering from top left solar cell to bottom left one.

cells are quite delicate so make sure you do not damage any. Also, leave some excess wire for attaching electrical jack and blocking diode. Check arranged cells using voltmeter to ensure panel is properly functioning.

Now put dab of adhesive on back of every cell. Place Masonite pegboard right onto cells to cover all of them. Now simply flip array over and you will see that cells are stuck on pegboard and you are free to start working on plywood.

If there is any excess pegboard after sticking cells, cut it off. Cut wood molding so it is ¾ inches deep by ¾ inches wide. Make frame with this wood molding around plywood sheet.

Now lift up pegboard and place it inside this frame. Secure it using heat-resistant adhesive. Make small cut in wooden frame to allow extra wire from solar cell arrangement to pass through.

Solder electrical jack and blocking diode to wire that is coming out of wooden frame. Be very careful while soldering positive wire to positive connection and negative wire to negative connection.

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How to Make Good Quality Solar Panels

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