Make Flip Chair

A flip chair is simple three-sectioned piece of furniture that can unfold from chair into bed. Flip chairs are lightweight, easy to transport, and you don’t need to inflate or deflate them. Many people use them to accommodate overnight guests and enjoy easy set up and clean up they allow.

This is simple project, and you only need few materials to make and customize your own flip chair. Gather all of your supplies. You should be able to find everything you need at your local craft store.

Make Flip Chair

Choose size of fabric squares you prefer but make sure they are all same size and that, when laid out, they will be large enough to sleep on. Measure dimensions of foam pieces with your measuring tape and use your scissors to cut out corresponding sizes from your fabric. You will want to make fabric pieces slightly larger — add one inch on each side — than foam dimensions to allow room for your seams.

Stitch together right sides of fabric pieces to create covers for foam squares. If you sew by hand you will need to sew straight seam. Thread your needle and tie knot at end, then run your needle through two pieces of fabric, determining your stitch length.

Leave one side of square cover open, turn cover inside out and place foam piece inside. Sew up open piece so that your foam square is completely covered. Repeat this step for remaining pieces.

Create cover for cylinder foam piece using same method. Attach fabric ties to three cushions so that they stay connected to one another when they are folded into chair or laid out flat for bed. Sew two ties on one side of each square.

You will be sewing ties to height side of cube. You can stack square cushions on top of each other to align placement for ties.

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