Make Fake Homemade Solar Panels

Solar panels provide electricity at home, even when electrical power was turned off. Pretend intruder who is looking to cut your home electrical energy to deactivate security system your home before entering premises by fake solar panel in plain sight on your roof. This will keep in battery backup system have served by the Panel with power, the security system will power when needed intruder.

fake solar panel can be built from a few stocks of hardware store, tools use common house. is no wiring required. Purchase precut rectangular plexiglass.

Make Fake Homemade Solar Panels

Place rectangle on work surface. Shake can of black matt spray for five seconds. Spray rectangle with paint spray to alter reflective qualities of plexiglass so it will appear more like that of solar panel.

Let paint dry for day before continuing. Look at picture of solar panel to see kind of pattern that is typically on its surface. Draw similar pattern on one side of plexiglass using model paint brush dipped in white paint.

Let paint dry for day before continuing. Go to attic. Drill hole between two rafters to one side of peak in ceiling with portable drill.

Measure 10 feet to right of first hole. Drill another hole. Place stainless steel lag bolt through each of holes.

Apply silicone paste around each of holes. Go to roof. Place exposed end of each bolt through bottom hole of short mounting pole.

Screw nut onto end of bolt to secure it to mount from inside. Tighten nut with pliers. Place bonding glue around mount where it meets roof.

Let bonding glue set for 24 hours before continuing. Place bonding glue on top of mounts. Place metal rail that is same length of plexiglass on top of each mount, parallel to other. Let bonding glue set for day before continuing.

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How to Make Fake Homemade Solar Panels

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