Make Fake Christmas Tree Look Real

The Christmas tree is one of most quintessential symbols of Christmas. Part of magic of holidays is decorating perfect Christmas tree. For reasons of cost or environmental, many people choose artificial tree instead of real one.

The goal is to make fake Christmas tree seem real. When shopping for perfect artificial tree, choose one that has short needles as they are more like real trees. Arrange branches to look more like those of real Christmas tree.

Make Fake Christmas Tree Look Real

Spread out branches and tips of branches so that they appear more full. They often look stiff at first on artificial tree. Wrap fir garland around trunk of tree.

This makes fake Christmas tree look real as it disguises trunk, which is usually dead giveaway. Wrap it between each layer of branches until it is totally covered. Add lots of Christmas lights to tree if it is not prelit.

For most Christmas trees, use 50 Christmas lights for each foot of tree. Wrap lights around tree so that they are above every layer of branches. Hang large decorations in sparse areas.

On some areas of Christmas tree, there may be open spots or holes that can make tree appear fake. Utilize larger ornaments in those spaces. Hang Christmas ornaments closer to end of branches to make tree look more real.

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