Make Easy Solar Panel for Kids

Solar energy is renewable and abundant. the next generation will have to take advantage of green technology and energy sources, and solar energy is a possible choice. how powerful energy of the sun easy to build solar panel shows, and is as easy to harness energy, and there are children lesson on how to create energy with sunlight.

color of the inside of the box black and let dry. Cutting hole size of plastic pipe in the upper left side of the box. Slider box as about 1 inch remains inside the box and rest is outside.

Make Easy Solar Panel for Kids

Cut hole for second pipe in bottom right side of box near corner, and place second section of pipe in it same as first. adult should perform this step or any other cutting using utility knife for safety reasons. Place one end of black hose tubing over plastic pipe end inside box at top left.

Lay hose out to run along top of box, then curve down and run another length parallel to that. Continue running hose in parallel lines down to bottom until you reach other pipe end. Cut hose and connect it to pipe end at bottom right of box.

Lay Plexiglas lid on top of box and seal edges with duct tape. Connect another length of black hose tubing to outside end of top left plastic pipe. This will be your water intake.

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How to Make Easy Solar Panel for Kids

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