Make Dried Fruit Christmas Decorations

In days before mass marketing, people celebrated Christmas with simplicity and gifts and ornaments were usually handmade. Making homemade Christmas decorations is fun way to bring family together today old-fashioned way. There are ample ideas to choose from when considering what you would like to do.

If you are looking for something that requires relatively little skill – and something whole family can participate in – you may want to consider some Christmas decorations nuts. Preheat oven to 150 degrees and cut fruit of your choice to thickness of 1 or 8 inches. Place individual slices on wire rack to cool.

Make Dried Fruit Christmas Decorations

If drying whole fruit, use knife to vertically score around diameter of fruit, about every 3 or 4 inch. If you intend to string whole fruit for hanging, you might want to cut out center piece prior to baking. Place piece of fruit on separate cooling rack.

Place sliced fruit into heated oven on cooling racks for about four hours. Turn fruit after two hours to evenly distribute heat and aid in drying process. whole pieces will require longer baking period and will be done when white tissue of fruit appears dry, but not crispy.

After removing fruit from oven, allow it to cool to room temperature. Prepare accessories for your ornaments by cutting raffia and or ribbon to your desired length. Six to 8 inches works well for single ornament.

For stringing and hanging whole fruit, consider longer measurement. Ready your cloves by trimming small amount off of stem so they don’t stick too far out back of fruit. Make small slice for hole on one side of fruit for hanging.

String ribbon through, making nice bow at top. Place cloves around rind to further decorate your ornament. String individual fruits with longer ribbon or raffia and decorate to your desire with cloves.

Hang your completed ornaments anywhere indoors – or out. Birds will relish delicious treat in dead of winter when food is sparse.

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How to Make Dried Fruit Christmas Decorations

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