Make Copper Oxide Solar Panels

Solar power not only saves energy, but your bills each month reduced. As of 2010 more people are energy- and financially aware than at any time in the recent past. Part of the reason is that many are concerned with the preservation of the earth and nature.

other reason is money, it is often cheaper to recycle in your home than to buy new things. Your own solar panels falls in any event under the two categories. Homemade solar panels can not have as much energy as they produce manufactured versions, but they could easily power radio or commonly used lamp.

Make Copper Oxide Solar Panels

Cut piece of copper flashing about 1 inch shorter and narrower than CD jewel case, about 4 inches by 5 inches. Lay it on small stovetop burner and turn burner on high. As copper heats, you will see yellow, orange, red and blue swirl across surface.

Eventually, copper will turn completely black. Heat copper for about 30 minutes after it turns black. This ensures oxide layer under black scorched layer is totally formed.

After 30 minutes, turn burner off and let copper cool for about 25 minutes. As it cools, pieces of black coating will pop off because copper shrinks as it cools. Do not scrub off rest of black coating, if you do, you’ll scrub away oxide layer as well.

Cut second square of copper about same size as first. Cut away inside of square so you have squared-off, inch-wide U shape. Squeeze thick bead of silicone caulk onto U, do not cover edges.

Try to keep caulk centered. Gently take your jewel case apart, you only need one side. Press U, caulk-side down, onto inside of your CD jewel case.

Run another bead of caulk over top of U, once again keeping bead centered. If you must choose, cover outside edge rather than inside. Press oxidized copper plate down onto silicone caulk.

Attach one alligator clip wire to left side of U and other to right side of oxidized plate. Make sure both clips are on outside of silicone.

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How to Make Copper Oxide Solar Panels

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