Make Chair Legs Slide on Carpet

It may be difficult to slide the chair across the carpeted floor surface. wood or metal leg engageable in carpet fibers. This can result in tearing or hooking coating, or chair being knocked over.

It is difficult to add sliders to chair legs, so the chair can slide smoothly across the floor, damaging ground floor. chair sliders are cheap and can last many years. Use tape measure or a ruler to measure the width of the bottom of chair legs.

Make Chair Legs Slide on Carpet

This helps determine what type of chair sliders to purchase. Purchase correct size of furniture slider for your chair. You can find many different sizes and types at hardware, home supply and discount stores.

Peel off adhesive backing if you purchase peel-and-stick variety of sliders. Stick them on bottom of each chair leg. Slip slider onto each chair leg if you purchase kind that slip over furniture leg and extend along leg about 1 or 2 inches.

This type of slider is often seen on chairs with round metal legs. Use hammer to nail slider onto bottom section of each chair leg. This takes bit more effort, but they are more permanent than type with adhesive backing that may loosen over time.

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How to Make Chair Legs Slide on Carpet

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