Make Candle and Roses Christmas Centerpiece

Holding romantic Christmas dinner with loved one can be highlight of Christmas season. To set mood, keeping with theme of Christmas, try this beautiful floating candle and rose centerpiece for table. Buy crystal punch bowl.

Choose fluted or cut glass feature around rim to enhance effect of this wonderful bouquet of water. Create bright edge by applying thin strip of white glue and adding gold or silver glue. Pour glitter into shallow pan or plate.

Make Candle and Roses Christmas Centerpiece

Apply glue to punch bowl and dip rim into glitter. Allow it to dry completely. Fill bowl to two inches from rim with water.

Add several drops of green food coloring and mix well to distribute color. Add additional drops of food coloring until water is rich green. Place 6 to 8 small white floating candles into punch bowl.

Choose heart-shaped candles if available otherwise round candles are fine. Apply glitter to candles first, if preferred. Heat candle slightly with blow dryer or until wax begins to soften.

Sprinkle glitter over candle and allow to cool. Use care not to add too much glitter little goes long way. Apply few sprinkles of glitter to sprig of holly by dotting it with glue and sprinkling glitter over it.

You could also spray it with glitter glue. Allow it to dry, then add holly sprig to punch bowl. Select three or four perfectly shaped red roses.

Choose roses that are partially open for best effect. Float rose on water in punch bowl.

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How to Make Candle and Roses Christmas Centerpiece

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