Make Cancer Caps

Many cancer patients lose their hair as result of chemotherapy, surgery or brain disease. In some cases, scalp becomes very sensitive and tender, in other cases, patient only wants to cover his head to keep warm or for aesthetic reasons. caps cancer chemotherapy or caps are hats that can be mass-produced quickly and donated for distribution in hospitals and treatment centers.

These instructions are for cap style beanie adult size made from lightweight locks. measurements do not have to be exact since hats are needed in various sizes. Cut rectangle of fabric 23 inches by 14 inches woolen fabric is stretchy in one direction than another.

Make Cancer Caps

Make sure that long side of rectangle has most stretch. Fold fabric in half and in half again so that you have piece that is 5.75 inches by 14 inches. Mark center of one short side of rectangle.

This will be top of your hat. Measure about 5 inches down from top and make mark at this point on each of long sides of rectangle. Draw curved line from top mark to mark on each side of rectangle.

Use scissors or rotary cutter to cut along these curves through all layers of fabric. When you unfold fabric, you should have band on bottom with four petals on top. Lay out fabric with right side up if your fabric has right and wrong side .

Fold left edge of fabric in to middle aligning two left petals. Fold right edge of fabric in to middle aligning two right petals. Pin edges of fabric.

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How to Make Cancer Caps

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