Make Baby Tie Blanket

The blankets are one of most necessary baby items as smaller need clean place to play and smooth surface for tracing. Babies also love to be wrapped and tied to sleep Snuggle up time. blanket tie is great gift for baby that will be appreciated by new parents.

Choose woolen cloth for her blanket. You can select pattern for front and back solid for or use same fabric for both sides. Place fabric and cut two pieces of 58 inches by 58 inches.

Make Baby Tie Blanket

Lay one piece of fabric down, wrong side up. Set second piece of fabric on top of first, right side up. Make sure fabric pieces are completely squared up, so they match exactly.

Use ruler to measure and cut out 5-inch by 5-inch square in corners. Cut all four corners, so you are left with four bare corners all cut in 5-inches deep. Measure along edge of fabric and make mark every 2 inches.

On each mark make cut 5-inches deep. Cut through both layers of fleece. Make these cuts all way around fabric.

Take one of sections you cut. Grab top layer and bottom layer of fleece. Tie two pieces together in double knot.

Skip next section and tie following one in same manner. Continue all way around blanket, tying every other section in double knot. We hope the information on How to Make Baby Tie Blanket is helpful to you.

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How to Make Baby Tie Blanket

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