Make Baby Back Ribs in Pressure Cooker

By making baby back ribs, ribs should be cooked for hours in kitchen oven or slow to achieve tender, fall-off-the-bone consistency. pressure cooker, however, produce same result in fraction of time. Food prepared in pressure cooker use about third of time required for those cooked using alternative methods.

Use pressure cooker to prepare tasty, tender baby back ribs entree. As with any dish, you may want to experiment with various recipes to determine your favorite. Add this to my Recipe Box.

Make Baby Back Ribs in Pressure Cooker

Mix together salt, garlic powder, black pepper and dried oregano in small bowl. Sprinkle mixture onto ribs. Place ribs in pressure cooker and add onion, hot sauce and bay leaves.

Set pot uncovered over high heat and sear meat until browned. Add beef broth. Put lid onto pressure cooker and lock it into place.

Continue to use high heat until steady flow of steam begins to emit from release valve. Lower heat to medium and cook for 40 minutes. During cooking, open lid twice to stir meat and prevent it from sticking.

Because contents are under pressure, follow manufacturer’s instructions for your particular pressure cooker to safely open lid. Transfer ribs from pot to large bowl. Use spoon to skim fat from top of liquid that remains in pot.

Discard fat, and add barbecue sauce. Cook on low heat, uncovered, for approximately five minutes, stirring constantly. We hope the information on How to Make Baby Back Ribs in Pressure Cooker is helpful to you.

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How to Make Baby Back Ribs in Pressure Cooker

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