Make Acne Bumps Disappear Quickly

Acne is inflammatory disease that affects skin. sebaceous glands become clogged due to excess oil and bacteria. That is, when blows of acne, also known as pimples, start to form on skin.

Acne can be painful physically and psychologically harmful. Most people who suffer from acne would like to make it disappear as soon as possible. Sometimes it is possible to make skin acne disappear quickly but it depends on what works for individual.

Make Acne Bumps Disappear Quickly

Apply ice to your acne bumps. easiest way to do this is to use standard ice pack. If you don’t have one that is readily available, you can also make one.

Just put five or six ice cubes in plastic sandwich bag and seal it. Wrap towel around ice pack. Apply ice to pimples for 10 minutes at time over span of three to four hours.

Do this daily until acne bumps are gone. Use benzoyl peroxide ointment to shrink acne bumps. It is active ingredient that is in most topical acne medication.

Apply benzoyl peroxide ointment to acne bumps one to two times per day. You may apply it once in evening as well as once in morning. If this proves to be too strong for your skin, use it only once per day.

Apply toothpaste to your pimples. It’s cost-effective and easy way to make acne bumps disappear quickly. Apply toothpaste to your acne pimples each night before going to sleep.

It’s best to use it at night only as it’s too visible to be worn during day time. Use tea tree oil to reduce inflammation and shrink pimples. It’s powerful anti-bacterial.

Tea tree oil will shrink acne bumps without over-drying them. It also prevents new pimples from forming. Mix three to four drops of tea tree oil with three drops of water.

Apply it to only one pimple first night to make sure that you do not have reaction to tea tree oil. If your skin is able to tolerate it, apply it to pimples nightly. If your skin is sensitive, you may want to use it every other night.

Make paste of aspirin and water and apply to acne bumps. Aspirin is natural source of salicylic acid which is ingredient in many products used to treat acne. It’s best to use uncoated aspirin.

Dissolve five to six aspirin in about half teaspoon of water. Mix it to form thick paste. Apply paste to your acne bumps.

If your skin is not sensitive, you may leave paste on overnight. If your skin is sensitive, leave aspirin paste on for 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water.

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How to Make Acne Bumps Disappear Quickly

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