Maintain Solar Battery Bank

Grid-connected solar setups can be connected to existing power grid. If solar cells provide excess power available, this energy is returned to power. On days when the energy demand is more than offer panels, panels can draw energy from the mains again.

solar setups, which are not bound grid generally leave on battery banks, which must be respected so that they store energy for use at night or on cloudy days. Game battery bank size solar panel array. Determine your load requirements and battery bank large enough to build five days Store worth force plus an additional 30%.

Maintain Solar Battery Bank

30% will allow for fluctuations in battery capacity due to temperature and other factors. Don’t skimp when you buy your batteries. Cheap batteries will only last about half as long as high-quality deep cycle batteries, which should last five to 15 years.

more expensive batteries save money in long run. Set up simple battery string using largest capacity batteries you can afford. Higher capacity means thicker plates, which means longer lifespan for your battery bank.

Prevent corrosion with sealant. You can buy commercial sealant, but good old petroleum jelly does trick just fine. Apply jelly or sealant to your terminals before you assemble battery bank.

Otherwise, sealant will not reach all nooks and crannies, and they will corrode. Maintain even temperature. Batteries lose storage capacity incrementally lower temperature drops.

At 30 degrees Fahrenheit, battery bank will lose 25% of its storage capacity. However, at higher temperatures, batteries begin to deteriorate. ideal temperature range for battery bank is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How to Maintain Solar Battery Bank

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