Maintain Home Central Air Conditioner System

An inadequate air conditioning system maintenance can cause your utility bills rise home, and eventually cause permanent damage to air conditioning unit. Maintenance of central air conditioning is continuous process that requires only few minutes of attention each month. However, small amount of monthly attention to both interior and exterior components paid will be rewarded for keeping your bills low power and prolonging life of your central air conditioning unit.

Change air conditioning filter every one to three months. filter is located inside either behind return air, or at bottom of indoor air controller. filters, which are very easy to remove, help filter dust, dirt and other particles before they reach your air conditioner.

Maintain Home Central Air Conditioner System

Filters often are made of fiberglass and are available in variety of sizes. When purchasing new filter, look at size on old filter to ensure that you purchase correct size for your unit. Clear all debris – such as leaves and branches – from area surrounding outdoor condenser to allow as much airflow as possible.

Remove any leaves that are stuck in condenser’s grille and fins. Spray off entire condenser unit with garden hose to remove dust and dirt. Do not use hose nozzle, as high water pressure could damage condenser’s fins.

Instead, place your finger over end of hose to increase and decrease water pressure. Spray interior and exterior of outdoor condenser – water will not damage unit. Inspect insulated pipes running from condenser into house.

Replace any cracked or torn insulation around pipes. Hire licensed air conditioning company to perform annual maintenance on your entire air conditioning system. company will complete several services that must be performed by professional, such as testing and maintaining system’s refrigerant freon and testing voltage and amperage to all electrical elements in system.

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How to Maintain Home Central Air Conditioner System

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