Lower Electric Bills Through Solar Energy

Installation of solar panels on your home can be done in three different ways. Panels can be installed on the roof, where they will be the greatest benefit in the summer months when the sun is higher in the sky, and they can also be installed on the side of the house, where they will be most useful in the winter when the sun is lower is. Or you can make your own portable solar generator, which can be used at any time to generate electric power.

Buy store small solar panel on RV or boating supplies. Try a sixteen volts capacity to receive. These eight x 24-inch model is capable of virtually everything in your house mains while remaining off-grid.

Lower Electric Bills Through Solar Energy

Purchase battery for your solar energy generator. Do not buy car battery as it will not have capacity to do what you need it for. You need to buy deep cycle 12 volt lead or acid or gel battery.

That kind is designed for continual usage. Compare prices on 12 volt DC meters. You can get these wherever you normally buy your electronics.

Next, you’ll need to buy DC input. This is enough to power appliances such as fans, lights, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. There are many electrical appliances that are DC already and if you use right cable they will run straight off box.

Running AC appliances will require you to buy inverter box. This will convert DC power in battery into AC. Count up number of watts you’ll be using before you make your purchase, so you will know what size inverter to buy.

Attach meter and DC input to proper place on box. Use insulated wire to connect meter to terminals on battery. Connect negative – pole first and make sure you only touch one wire at time.

Connect DC inlet to battery. Then you need to connect solar panel itself to battery using same method.

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How to Lower Electric Bills Through Solar Energy

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