Love Cancer Man

Second only to Pisces in terms of need in relationship, men with cancer are clingers. They do not want to hold on to them as much as they want to cling to you. This is important distinction because while men with cancer should feel loved, do not like being suffocated.

They prefer to be one doing asphyxiation in relationships, but of course, they call it being attentive. This is not bad thing unless you are Aquarius, Gemini or Capricorn. Even then, it is possible that when handled well.

Love Cancer Man

If you are looking for clinger, Cancer may be just guy you want. Pay attention to cycles of moon. More than any other astrological sign, Cancer’s mood swings are in perfect harmony with moon phases.

Once you figure them out, you will be able to judge just when to tell him you dented car and have him laugh it off. Be conservative. This isn’t about politics it’s about risks.

The Cancer male is not risk taker. He has sharp analytical mind that works through problems quickly. This makes him great with money and investments.

Because he is not risk taker he is going to only go for sure thing. This follows him into his personal life. He wants partner who is sure thing as far as fidelity and longevity.

When he’s in relationship, it’s generally permanent. Be encouraging. male Cancer needs constant encouragement both in and out of bedroom.

He tend to suffer from low self-esteem, though it is seldom deserved. He is more interested in making you happy than about pleasing himself, so if you have any suggestions make them gently, while reassuring him that you love him and he’s great. Pay attention to little things.

The sign of Cancer is hypersensitive to both criticism and being taken for granted. If he is wearing new suit, has just gotten his hair cut or has done something especially nice, comment on it.

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How to Love Cancer Man

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