Look for Scholarships for High School Athletes

For some high school athletes, finding athletic scholarship may seem impossible task. According to Athletic Aid, more than $ 1 billion in athletic scholarships are awarded each year. odds are often against you, however, as National Collegiate Athletic Association notes that only 2 percent of high school athletes receive athletic scholarships for college.

There are some things you can do to help in their search for athletic scholarship to college. Asking for help from coaches or even non-profit recruiting services as rivals or exploration and scout see Resources, which have national team of analysts that Scout high school players. college and high school coaches can give you idea of ​​the level that could play in college, such as exploring services.

Look for Scholarships for High School Athletes

It is best to avoid services that ask you to pay fee to use them because services that require no payment are usually more well connected. Contact schools that meet level at which you could contribute for your sport. Make packet with your athletic information, game videos and academic transcripts so that schools can evaluate you as prospect.

Attend camps, tournaments and tryouts to get your name out there and play in front of colleges. In many sports, colleges are allowed to evaluate certain events in person. For NCAA schools this information is available on NCAA website see Resources .

Search for academic scholarships for athletes with strong academic credentials by contacting schools and college coaches. NCAA Division 3 schools cannot give athletic scholarships, but often strong academic athletes can get academic scholarships. You can find lists of these schools on NCAA website see Resources .

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How to Look for Scholarships for High School Athletes

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