Load Golf Shaft for Power

The golf shaft, when swung properly, is designed to flex during backswing and retracted during release of club, which happens on impact. Loading shaft increases amount of energy transferred to golf ball during impact, increasing distance and speed of ball. To load golf shaft for power, you need holistic understanding of how golf swing works leading to loading and subsequently transferring burden during impact – skill that can take years to master.

firmly plant your feet shoulder width apart. steering ball located slightly forward from center of your stance, with butt of club to his navel. Knees should be slightly bent, back slightly arched – athletic stance in general.

Load Golf Shaft for Power

Begin take-away, keeping your hands, arms, hips, shoulders and clubhead in sync initially. As you reach one-quarter backswing, where club is pointed straight back, parallel to ground, begin to fold your right elbow while maintaining straight left arm. Reach for sky to create largest arc you can maintain.

larger arc, greater clubhead speed, essential component to more power. Stop club for fraction of second at top of swing, when club is parallel to ground. This initial change in direction forces shaft to bend, loading it with un-sprung energy.

Begin down swing by rotating your hips, then shoulders, followed by your arms and finally club, all around your spine. Don’t change your spine angle during swing, it’s pivot point for loading process. As your torso rotates towards impact, keep your left arm straight while imagining dropping your right elbow into your back pocket.

This will keep your swing on plane and drop you into what’s called slot. Drive your hips around your legs, straighten your right arm and maintain firm not bent left wrist as you impact ball. At this point, shaft will rebound and transfer its loaded energy into ball, as long as you don’t bend left wrist or slide your hips left.

With this proven technique, you’ll hit ball harder and farther, with more control.

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