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If you have selected to install solar power system in your own home, the choice to be made — whether to have professional installation of the system, or whether to do it yourself now. If you go with the latter approach, you are faced with task of wiring solar cells together. During each solar module will come with its own set of charts and instructions.

There are some general rules that can be followed. Install solar panels in your chosen location. Ask, solar panels with positive terminal are installed adjacent to the negative pole next drive safely.

Link Solar Panels

In most solar array configurations, this simply involves installing solar panels such that terminals are on bottom of panel in adjacent panels. Wire negative terminals together with single wire that continues to run towards other components of home power system. Wire positive terminals together with similar wire that continues on to other components of solar power system.

Depending on model of solar panel, this may involve simply connecting panels with plugs on ends of wires, wrapping wire around exposed terminal, connecting wires using junction box, or soldering wire onto adjacent panel’s terminal. Check solar panel’s manual for specific instructions. Connect wires to next step of solar system.

This will most likely be DC or AC inverter or charge controller, depending on whether system utilizes batteries or not. How leads are connected to this component will depend on connectors on charge controller or inverter. Install modules next to each other with oppositely charged terminals adjacent to each other.

In this wiring setup, each set of solar modules will be grouped in pairs, with pair wired together and then wired to larger system. If system only contains two modules, wiring instructions are same, but system must contain even number of modules. Wire positive terminals of each pair of modules to negative wire of adjacent module in pair.

Connect all remaining positive terminals to each other with one long lead that has additional wire to run to next solar power component. Connect all remaining negative terminals to each other in same way. specific method for connecting terminals together will depend on solar panel module.

It may involve plugging lead into terminal, soldering lead to terminal, wrapping lead to next terminal or using junction box. Consult owner’s manual for specific instructions.

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How to Link Solar Panels

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