Learn Solar Technology

Solar technology is broad field with many different disciplines and applications. Solar technology can be divided into several areas. These include solar passive technology, solar photovoltaic technology, solar water heating and solar process heat technologies.

fundamental to each of these solar technologies knowledge is necessary to the manufacture, design and application of each of these technologies. Studying solar technology market. Find out what companies produce what kind of solar technology.

Learn Solar Technology

Review their product offerings and their research focus. Examine data sheets and application design notes related to these products. Also examine solar manufacturing operations. Find out what equipment companies use to manufacture their solar products. Also find out what type of software they use to design their solar products with.

Review available online solar learning programs, solar seminars and solar curricula of different educational institutions. Discern which of these best fit your solar technology interests and your solar technology goals. Consider solar learning programs that U.S.

Department of Energy and your state, county and city governments sponsor. Many of these programs are free. Build up solar technology library.

Find books that relate to different aspects of solar technology. Look at books used to teach solar technology at different high schools, colleges and universities. Also bookmark web sites that focus on business and technological aspects of solar design.

Find solar magazines that explain basic solar technology principles as applied to design and manufacture of solar components and systems. Find solar technology analysis and design tools. Look for tools that will let you design, analyze and model different types of solar energy components and systems.

Also look for tools that let you calculate building energy requirements. Study basic technologies that are fundamental to solar technology. Focus on general science and engineering. Study books and take courses that will give you scientific understanding of physical laws that govern electricity, heat and fluids.

Also, take courses in advanced math, chemistry and physics as well as advanced engineering technology related to electricity and electronics, energy management, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.

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How to Learn Solar Technology

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