Lay Out Basement Bathroom Plumbing

For many owners of homes basement is perfect way of adding square footage to existing home. Often owner decide they want swim in this new update. Options for bathroom above grade are unlimited, however, below grade bathroom facilities should take into account special considerations.

This guide will talk about how to save a bit of headache and money seriously when planning the renovation of your basement. A common scenario update you want to install bath in the basement but requires ejection system wastewater. To install the exhaust system of wastewater in the existing basement takes time and money, not to mention that it is very messy job.

Lay Out Basement Bathroom Plumbing

Digging through existing concrete has its own hazards, you may not be fully aware what is under there and often you can run into serious problems. Consider another option. Installing Saniflo toilet is quick as far as plumbing goes.

There are costs associated with Saniflo toilet because it works similar to sewage ejector without noise and cost of tearing up your basement floor. Sanfilo toilets use above-floor, or macerating technology. There’s no reason to dig as sewage is not routed through underground lines it is instead moved to pump.

pump liquefies paper and waste and then moves it to your sewage lines. pump is completely sealed for life and requires no special maintenance. With sewage ejection system you are limited in your options.

Your area must be big enough to hold your waste tank and you must have way to access it. Saniflo toilet can be installed anywhere. tank can even be put into wall to hide it if homeowner wishes.

A Saniflo can be installed 15 feet below grade and up to 150 feet away from your sewage pipe or septic tank. This gives homeowner more flexibility with design. Saniflo tank can handle toilet as well as all bathroom fixtures.

Everything can be piped in walls and into pump for removal into your septic or sewage pipes.

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How to Lay Out Basement Bathroom Plumbing

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