Lay Marble Tile for Bathroom Floor

Working with marble is similar to other types of tile, but with some added problems process. It is necessary to ensure that the tiles you are sealed, such as marble will absorb moisture and stains in your state unsealed. marble tiles have to compensate each other, they are as completely cut square.

It starts with solid base layer, preferably cement board, and remove all obstacles, including toilet. Fit two lines crossing over half the bathroom floor with chalk line, to divide it into four quadrants. Measure and mark the midpoint of each wall. Attach one end of the chalk line at a midpoint, then pull rope through the midpoint of the opposite room.

Lay Marble Tile for Bathroom Floor

Pull line taut, then lift slightly up on string and release it to leave chalk line. Repeat for other two walls in room, using square as you snap second line to adjust its position, so it’s exactly perpendicular to first line. Spread thin-set mortar over middle of floor with notched mortar trowel, covering few square feet over intersection.

chalk lines will remain visible through mortar. Set marble tile into mortar at intersection, bordered on two adjacent sides by two lines. Press tile firmly into mortar.

Put two tile spacers on each side of tile. Press other tiles into place on each side of first tile, against spacers. Repeat and continue, spreading more mortar as needed.

Build out your tile grid from center and work your way out along chalk lines.

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How to Lay Marble Tile for Bathroom Floor

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