Lay Linoleum in Bathroom

Linoleum is a good choice for bathroom floors, due to its resistance to water. usually it comes from the linoleum on large sheets, which is also one of the types of soil easier to install, so it is ideal for homeowners who want to do it themselves option. Turn off the water bath and remove the bathroom floor fixtures, including toilets, sinks and removable vents. Pull up any floor that is installed on the ground and sand any adhesive left by old floors.

Set Builder level down on inches from the wall in a corner of the bathroom. Move the floor level 1 to 2 inches over time, checking dips low. Marcos is dipped in chalk.

Lay Linoleum in Bathroom

Fill all dips that you find in floor’s surface with wood filler if subfloor is wood, or with leveling compound if subfloor is concrete. Smooth compound with putty knife so that it is even with floor’s surface and let compound dry for four to five hours. Use level to check floor again and sand down any high spots created by filling in dips.

Clean floor thoroughly. Sweep or vacuum standing dust from floor’s surface and then wipe floor down with wet rag. Dry floor with towel or allow to air dry fully.

Lay waterproof membrane over floor’s surface, smoothing out membrane as much as possible and pressing membrane edges into corners of floor. Remove adhesive backing from membrane to stick it to subfloor. Alternately, spread liquid rubber over floor according to instructions on packaging to waterproof floor’s surface.

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How to Lay Linoleum in Bathroom

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