Lay Bathroom Tile on Subfloor

Once you have your element level below ground, you can install the bathroom tile. Bathroom tiles need to be glued down to the subfloor to ensure that does not move and to seal out water from the subsoil below. If water seeps into the ground, it will cause many problems, including mold, putrefaction and mold.

can also cause tiles to lift underlayment. Place mosaic pattern on the floor. For best results, the tiles in the bathroom the center to border along the wall tiles are tiles same width on both sides of the floor.

Lay Bathroom Tile on Subfloor

Snap chalk line on subfloor all way around bathroom perimeter that outlines border tiles. Start in farthest corner from bathroom door and spread mortar in section of floor. Comb mortar with your toothed trowel by scraping it through mortar at 45-degree angle.

Lay first tile in corner where two of chalk lines intersect. Press it into mortar and twist it just little to set it in mortar. Lay each successive tile in same manner.

Leave gap between each tile to be filled with grout at later time. gap size is dependent on personal preferences but standard is 1 or 4-inch wide. Level tiles by visually inspecting them and tapping them down with rubber mallet.

Remove mortar that comes up between tiles with putty knife and sponge mortar off of tops of tiles. Spread more mortar into next section once first section is tiled. Continue to lay tiles in same fashion until you have worked your way out of bathroom door.

All that should remain is border tiles.

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How to Lay Bathroom Tile on Subfloor

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