Know If Your Tulip Chair Is From KnollStudio

Eero Saarinen designed the iconic tulip chair in 1957 for KnollStudio. fiberglass chair round bottom rises in the narrow stem which widens in the tulip-shaped seat. While it is functional furniture, designed as casual dining chair and still occurs today, its price is more in keeping with its position as a work of art.

chair, winner of the 1969 Museum of Modern Art, sells new from $ 1,895 to $ 4,685, depending on the style and options from the publication, although older models can be found for something less. Numerous versions were made by other manufacturers, so make sure you are getting the real thing before shelling out your cash trading really is too good to be true. Note The color and options.

Know If Your Tulip Chair Is From KnollStudio

Knoll tulip chairs, both vintage and modern, were made in two colors only — black and white — with exception of those made after Aug. 1, 2007, when silvery finish called Platinum was made available in honor of chair’s 50th anniversary. Knoll chairs may have just removable seat cushion — attached with hook-and-loop tape — in fabric or leather or entire interior of chair may be upholstered.

cushioned seat is still removable on fully upholstered model. Chairs may swivel or be fixed. Knoll tulip armchairs have arms that are all of piece with rest of chair, no cut-outs or attached pieces.

Check base. base of Knoll tulip chair is round piece of cast aluminum coated with white plasticlike finish, called Rilsan. base rises in center, flaring at point it meet chair’s single leg.

There is no seam between base and leg — it is all same piece, like stem and base of wineglass. Some knock-off versions have single leg that rises out of circular multiple-leg office chair base on casters. Look for stickers and marks.

Older Knoll chairs feature rectangular sticker with red capital K logo on frame of chair under seat cushion that reads Knoll International, 320 PARK Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Newer Knoll chairs have logo with replica of designer’s signature under base. model number BR-50 or BR-51 should also appear stamped into aluminum under pedestal.

Measure your chair with measuring tape. According to Knoll, arm chair is 26 inches wide, 23 1 or 4 inches deep and 32 inches tall to top of back with seat height of 18 inches. standard chair measures 20 inches wide, 21 1 or 4 inches deep, 32 inches tall and has seat height of 18 1 or 2 inches.

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How to Know If Your Tulip Chair Is From KnollStudio

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