Know if Your Air Conditioner is Broken

An air conditioner is designed to perform number of tasks which translates into cold air is introduced into home. To find out if your air conditioning no longer works, check these tasks one at time to see if they are functioning as they should be. No mechanical or electrical knowledge is required.

Turn selector button air conditioner in Fan. Turn speed to Low. main switch of air conditioner On.

Know if Your Air Conditioner is Broken

Listen to sound that fan makes for half minute. Turn selector knob to Cold or Cool – this will vary depending on model. If sound is no different than what it was before, compressor in air conditioner is broken.

Set air conditioner’s selector knob at Cool or Cold – depending on model – and Speed knob to Low. Turn air conditioner’s power switch to On. Place your hand against front grille on air conditioner so that you can feel air that is being vented out.

Leave your hand there for five minutes. If air remains at room temperature, there is leak in unit and coolant has escaped. Set selector knob to Fan and Speed knob to High.

Turn air conditioner on. Listen to sound that air conditioner is making. Turn air conditioner off immediately and pull power cord out of wall outlet if there is humming sound, without any air exiting front facing grille.

This indicates that motor has burned out.

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How to Know if Your Air Conditioner is Broken

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