Know If Central Air Conditioner Needs Charge

If you’ve become your central air conditioning and dismayed to discover that is not properly cooling your home, there are number of things that could be wrong. Before calling repair service, there are some steps you can take to determine if you need central air conditioner charge. By eliminating any other possible reasons for lack of refrigeration, you can save money on costly repair call.

First turn on central air and adjust thermostat 65. Wait at least 15 minutes. If ambient temperature reading has not moved, or has increased, you need to diagnose problem.

Know If Central Air Conditioner Needs Charge

Check to see if fan is functioning. While unit is on, go outside and look at central air unit. If you cannot see fan turning, motor may have burned out.

Do not stick your hands or any object into fan to see if it is operating. If fan is moving, go on to next step. Look at thermostat again.

Does house feel cool If air temperature inside your home is measurably cooler than outside, you may simply have broken thermostat. While this can be checked with Ohm meter, it is best to leave this to professionals. If your thermostat seems to be functioning properly, go on to next step.

Put your hand in front of one of your air vents. Make sure it is not cold air return duct, but rather vent where you will typically feel cold air entering house. While unit is running, put your hand over vent.

If air feels warm, this is best way to know if central air conditioner needs charge. Once you have gone through all of above steps and narrowed it down to hot air coming out of vents, you can be assured you are dealing with unit that needs to have its freon charged. Call your heating and cooling specialist.

You should not attempt to charge unit on your own. specialist will be able to quickly add freon charge to your central air conditioner and unit will be functional in matter of minutes.

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How to Know If Central Air Conditioner Needs Charge

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