Knit Christmas Stocking

Christmas is favorite time of year for young and old. One of biggest parts of Christmas is decorating around you wherever you go and add detail of environment to make season that much more cheerful. Some of decorations are more like one you make.

This striped Christmas stocking is great decoration or handmade gift that can be modified to suit your own style and taste. Knowledge of how to knit in round with double needles, as well as how to change thread colors, it is useful. Using color A, cast loose 44 points.

Knit Christmas Stocking

Divide onto needles as follows 14 stitches on first two needles, 16 stitches on third. Join in round. Be sure working yarn is coming from right needle.

Place stitch marker to show beginning of round by slipping marker onto your right needle before you begin knitting. Be careful not to let your stitches twist on needles before you make first stitch connecting ends. You only need to worry about this first time around since you’re connecting circle together.

Work your rounds in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing using color until it measures 2 inches from cast-on edge. Begin striping sequence of stocking. Switch to color B and knit few rounds, then switch to color C and knit few more rounds.

The number of rows you knit before you switch aren’t important–you can create stripes to your own liking. Continue knitting stripes until stocking measures 12.5 inches from cast-on edge.

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How to Knit Christmas Stocking

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