Kill Slime in Air Conditioner

Air conditioners operate by compressing coolant gas in liquid passing through several coils. Fans push air through coils, which produces cold air. Another component of air conditioner is evaporator, which causes condensation.

This condensation is caught in drip tray. Due to condensation of water becomes largely stagnate, silt begins to accumulate in drip tray. Instead of contacting your service, you can kill yourself slime.

Kill Slime in Air Conditioner

Turn off air conditioner and switch off breaker powering unit at main electrical panel. Go to your air conditioning system in attic or in small closet. Look for external drip pan – it will have water inside it.

If you do not see drip pan, open access panel on unit with screwdriver to expose drip pan. Put on rubber gloves. Carefully pull drip pan out of unit, if equipped with removable drip pan, and dump water out.

If drip pan is not removable, scoop water out with plastic cup. Spray evaporator coils liberally with aerosol evaporator coil cleaner, then spray in and around pan as well. Thoroughly wipe evaporator and drip pan with soft sponge to get slime off unit.

Wipe away as much slime as possible, then reinsert drip pan, if applicable.

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