Kill Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

The humid environment, closed typical bathroom is the privileged environment for mold spores to grow. bathroom ceiling where water droplets are usually condensed, is the common area where mold shows. Mold is not only unsightly and rough, but can also create musty smell and poses health risks.

kill mold growing on the bathroom ceiling immediately to reduce health problems and restore the look of your roof. Wear protective clothing. Apply the cleaner solution to kill mold on the bathroom ceiling solution increases the risk of entering the eyes or face.

Kill Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

Wear protective eyeglasses to shield your eyes, and consider putting on face mask. Gloves are also essential. Spray mold spot with disinfectant spray.

active ingredient in spray, benzalkonium chloride, kills and prevents mold growth. It also helps control musty odor caused by mold spores. Let sprayed solution sit on moldy spot for 30 seconds.

Wipe with rag. Spray again if area is not thoroughly cleaned. Mix your own mold-killing solution if you do not have disinfectant spray.

Empty cup of common household bleach into plastic bucket. Add nine cups of water. Pour into plastic spray bottle.

Add tablespoon of standard dish soap. Shake to mix thoroughly. Spritz problem areas on your bathroom’s ceiling.

Let solution soak on moldy ceiling surface for 15 minutes. bleach mixture sanitizes and kills mold, while soap helps cut through grease, dirt and other debris on your ceiling. Wipe away with rag.

Run dehumidifier appliance in your bathroom to reduce airborne moisture levels. Drying out air not only prevents mold growth from recurring, but it also dries out and kills any mold cells you may have missed.

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How to Kill Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

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