Kill Bathroom Mold Mushrooms

Mold and mildew sometimes even harvested in the bathrooms that are cleaned infrequently. Mold spores are everywhere. And all they need to develop are moisture and organic matter – two things that are in abundance in the bathrooms.

No matter how bad mold and fungus problems, can be cleaned. Mold spores cause allergic respiratory problems in people and if left in place long enough, can stain. All you need to clean the mushroom and mold infestation is cleaner bathrooms multiple use and proper protective equipment.

Kill Bathroom Mold Mushrooms

Scoop up all of mushrooms and excess mold with paper towels. Once you are done with surface clean, place all of paper towels in plastic bag. Double-knot bag and then throw it away.

Clean moldy area with all-purpose bathroom cleaner and nylon brush. Keep scrubbing and rinsing with wet sponge until you can lift no more of mold. If no traces of mold or mold stain are left, wipe floor clean and you’re done.

If some mold staining remains, move on to Step 3. Pour 2 gallons of warm water in bucket. Add 1 cup of TSP. Stir well for two minutes or until powder is dissolved.

Saturate molded area with TSP solution. Leave it in place for 15 minutes. Re-wet area if necessary.

Scrub molded area with your scrub brush.

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How to Kill Bathroom Mold Mushrooms

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