Keep Snakes Out of Your House

I have no tolerance for snakes or spiders. You make me scream like little girls Thank God I have not had too much to do with them. worst place was when I had lakeside house in Tampa Florida.

I had the black garden snakes in my shielded room and everywhere on my property. I had help from my neighbors to win often. Here are some tips for the snakes to keep away from your house.

Keep Snakes Out of Your House

The first thing you will want to do is to clear area surrounding your house. Do not have bushes that lay right on ground. Snakes like to hide underneath since it is cooler there.

Move any wood piles or stones further away from your house. These make excellent hiding places for snakes and spiders. Make sure to wear gloves and to poke at wood and rocks first to avoid getting startled or bit.

Some people say to spread moth balls around your house and smell will keep them away. Some people say to plant lemon grass. I have not tried this yet.

Block off any openings to your house – do not leave any gaps on your doors. Use weather stripping around doors and windows.

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How to Keep Snakes Out of Your House

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