Keep Raccoons Off Deck Furniture and Cushions

Raccoons can be a big problem, regardless of where you live. They have become accustomed to live, where people live, mainly because, where there are people who are eating. However, these animals can cause damage to other objects, especially your patio furniture and cushions.

keep raccoons away from your deck furniture can be a difficult task. Some repellents most commonly used do not work. Secure garbage in cans and keep them away from your deck.

Keep Raccoons Off Deck Furniture and Cushions

Making sure that your garbage can covers fit securely and tightly will help ensure that raccoons will not open garbage cans when they are knocked over. Some people also use bricks on top of lids. Placing your garbage cans as far from your deck as possible will help keep raccoons away from your deck.

They will follow scent of food and stay away from your deck furniture. Install motion-activated flood lights. These lights will turn on whenever raccoon or other creature comes near your deck. Carefully aim light for optimal coverage.

Raccoons do not like bright lights. brighter light, better your results will be. Raccoons are creatures of night and will not often come around during day, so this is great way to keep them away. Play radio 24 hours day for several days.

Make sure you place radio where it will be safe from elements. Tune in to station that plays loud music or talk radio and turn volume up as loud as you can handle. Raccoons have natural fear of humans. If they think there is human in area, they will leave.

Playing this for several days will likely convince raccoon that your deck is not safe place and keep them away for good. Hire someone to trap and remove raccoons. If all else fails, you may need to hire someone to remove raccoons.

Trapping raccoons yourself is illegal in many states. Check laws before you attempt to trap yourself. Hiring professional, however, will ensure that job is done well and quickly.

Don’t put bowls pet food bags or uneaten pet food on your patio. Raccoons especially love cat food.

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How to Keep Raccoons Off Deck Furniture and Cushions

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