Keep My Office Chair From Sinking

Office chairs can’t last forever. chair’s gas cylinder — tube mechanism between seat and base that controls height of chair — eventually fails, this leaves you with sinking feeling whenever you use chair. Two options exist to repair sinking office chair.

Contact your chair’s manufacturer and buy replacement gas cylinder. Company contact information is typically found on label under seat, on one of arms or under gas cylinder attached to center of base. Turn chair on its side, and remove mounting screws holding original gas cylinder to seat assembly and base.

Keep My Office Chair From Sinking

Remove base and seat, and discard old cylinder. Place new gas cylinder in base, reattach any mounting screws. Replace seat, and reattach any connecting screws.

Sit in chair and move height-adjustment lever to test new cylinder. Use height adjustment lever to set seat at optimum height. Turn your chair on its side.

Measure length of upper chamber of gas cylinder. This is section thinner in diameter that fits inside larger, bottom section. Write down this measurement.

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How to Keep My Office Chair From Sinking

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