Keep Bugs From Bathroom Vents

bathroom ventilation are necessary to allow the hot and humid air, as created by the shower, bathroom to escape, which in turn prevents mold and other conditions desired not caused by excess moist air. Unfortunately, these same vents that circulate air may also allow insects access to your bathroom. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to modify your fan so that the air inlet is allowed while insects are kept out.

Remove the outer cover of bathroom ventilation. Some covers will simply snap on and off, but others may require screws that must be removed first. User Reference Manual ventilation or vent to examine whether you are unsure.

Keep Bugs From Bathroom Vents

Measure vent openings on frame of vent. Some vents will be flat with just one opening while other vents may have frame with multiple side and front openings. Cut piece of mesh screening to cover each of vent openings.

Each piece of mesh screening should be just slightly larger than vent opening it is covering. Lay bead of silicone caulking around edge of vent opening and place corresponding piece of mesh screening over opening. Press edges of mesh screening into caulk to secure it.

Don’t worry if your mesh screening is little too big. Repeat Step 4 for each of vent openings. Allow caulk to dry.

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How to Keep Bugs From Bathroom Vents

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