Keep Bathroom Warm in Winter

No idea nice, hot bath or long shower great sound, particularly cold winter morning However, if your next thought is horrible that one feels when leaving the hot water in the cold bathroom there is some hope for you . Here are some ideas on how you can keep your experience cozy and warm bath in winter even colder days and none of them involve time or cost of making the bathroom renovation. Put your hand near the edge of the window.

shallow draft Feel What about where sections of the window cross each other, is there project along overlapping air will penetrate even smaller holes and you need to make sure you have the caulking around seamless edges and good cleaning time where two pieces overlap each other. Apply new silicone caulk around the edges of the windows and replace any worn or flattened weather stripping on windows. Touch the window of your bathroom.

Keep Bathroom Warm in Winter

Feel cold That cold will radiate right into your bathroom making whole room feel cold. Fix problem by installing see-through plastic window film over entire window, including casings. Stretch film over window unit, then take your hair dryer and blow warm air on it.

film will shrink nice and tight allowing you to see out and sun to shine in. You’ve just created temporary storm window that prevents cold from radiating into your bathroom through window glass, and is virtually invisible. Once warm weather arrives, just peel off window film.

Change your shower head and take longer shower. Showers generate lots of nice, warm steam, but idea that you’re wasting all that energy as well as costing yourself extra money means most of us get in and out fairly quickly. New shower heads that use very little hot water 2 gallons per minute versus more typical 5 to 8 GPM are readily available and easy to install.

Most just screw onto existing shower arm.

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How to Keep Bathroom Warm in Winter

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