Keep Bathroom Faucet From Dripping

bathroom taps often leak because of worn valve stem, device inside the tap to which handle aggregates. valve stem controls water flow when the handle is turned. Replacing the valve stem in the standard faucet requires the use of a valve stem key, which can be buyd at the hardware store or home improvement.

Put your hand under drip and determine whether hot or cold side is one that needs a new valve stem. Close the water supply valves twist of hot and cold water under the sink all the way to the right. If no individual closing valves, shut off the water for the whole house master valve in the water, often near water heater.

Keep Bathroom Faucet From Dripping

Remove handle by prying up button cap with standard screwdriver to reveal screw underneath. If there is no button cap, remove whatever cover is on top of handle covering screw. Use Phillips screwdriver to twist out screw, turning counterclockwise, then remove handle.

Unscrew valve stem counterclockwise, using valve stem wrench. Remove valve stem from inside faucet body. Set new valve stem into faucet body and screw it clockwise into seat.

Tighten stem with valve stem wrench. Replace handle and tighten its screw. Reinstall button cap or other cover and turn on water supply.

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How to Keep Bathroom Faucet From Dripping

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