Keep Air Conditioning Units From Being Stolen

An air conditioning unit can be thieves as commonly as vehicle parked in driveway or garage or bicycle left unattended white. You can protect your air conditioning unit with product manufactured specifically to prevent theft. Air conditioning and alarms cages can cost several hundred dollars, but investment is worth money you will save on replacement costs. Buy steel or iron cage air conditioning work that can not be cut with shears or sawing miter saw. If you opt for different material such as polymer, make sure it can withstand court. All cages should contain UV coating to prevent oxidation, discoloration and cracking.

Determine size of cage. air conditioning cages are made for ground units and window and come in sizes to fit both large and small units of residential and commercial air conditioning. Installation of air conditioning cage.

Keep Air Conditioning Units From Being Stolen

Assembly requirements will vary, so contact manufacturer for installation instructions. Do your research. Air conditioning alarms feature pressure-sensor technology, which can vary by brand.

In some cases, consumers have reported false readings and false signals. Find out average percentage of false signals for each alarm system in which you are interested. Choose system designed to prevent false readings and has data to support such claim.

Consider location of alarm system. system installed within home or commercial building lowers possibility of thief bridging wires or bypassing alarm system. Determine where and how wiring is concealed before choosing alarm system company.

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How to Keep Air Conditioning Units From Being Stolen

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