Install Your Own Small Duct Air Conditioning System

Homeowners who live in temperate climates may find that installation of central air conditioning unit can help relieve discomfort caused by heat waves. For small duct system installed within walls using cools air can circulate and be distributed more evenly throughout house, when compared with stand-alone unit. installation of unit and duct work system can provide cost effective cooling homeowner.

Inspect air conditioning unit, exhaust system and all parts for damage or missing parts. You read through guide is included with air conditioning unit to recommendations, installation guides and warnings. Install condensing unit condensing outer pad, safe and level area near main electrical panel of house.

Install Your Own Small Duct Air Conditioning System

Using drill, cut hole into siding of house, from outside. Use tape measure to determine height of evaporator coil at its highest point, and width at its widest point. Add one half-inch to each dimension.

Mark rectangular guide, using L-square ruler and marker, on side of furnace supply plenum. Cut along marker guide with metal snips. Mount evaporator coil into supply plenum, using kit-supplied parts, following methods outlined in manufacturer’s guide.

Affix provided sheet metal cover over plenum opening and lines protruding from evaporator coil. Secure cover in place with power drill and screws at edges, avoiding causing damage to evaporator coil. Use utility knife to strip and remove last few feet of insulation on suction line.

Feed end through hole in side of house. Redirect copper suction line using tube cutters and kit copper fittings, when necessary. Insert end into suction line surface valve.

Affix mounting brackets to ceiling joists, and run suction line through them to supply plenum. Repeat to connect smaller, copper liquid line. Mount electrical control box on side paneling of house, referring to instructions.

Hire professional electrician and furnace technician to complete work. Finish remaining work outlined in manufacturer’s guide.

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How to Install Your Own Small Duct Air Conditioning System

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