Install Window Air Conditioner

The mercury is rising and humidity is making you feel even hotter. It’s time to install than air conditioning! If central air conditioning is too expensive to consider, then window unit must be sufficient to cool things down. Once you have home air conditioner, it will take only minutes to install on window.and you’ll be on your way to cool nights sleep! Install mounting brackets on window sill.

screw on windowsill end. Adjust central screw on support level air conditioner. window open fully.

Install Window Air Conditioner

Slide air conditioner over sill and onto mounting brackets. Close window to top of air conditioner casing. Pull out extensions on either side of air conditioner until they touch sides of window.

Once fully extended, drill small holes into window sash and use screws to fasten each extension to sash. Secure sashes to each other with angle brackets, if brackets are supplied by air conditioner manufacturer. Use strip of foam to insulate gap where two sashes meet to prevent cool air from seeping outside.

Make sure to tilt air conditioner slightly away from window to ensure proper water drainage. Caulk unit outside around air conditioner. Then plug in air conditioner.

It’s now time to cool off!

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