Install Tile in Small Bathrooms

Laying tiles on the fourth floor small bathroom involves the same process that makes the bigger bathroom, but you can take some additional aesthetic factors into account to help make you feel small room tiles slightly larger bathroom. The use of smaller tiles therefore allowing you to put more of them gives the illusion of more space than there actually is. The light instead of dark colors always make room seem more spacious.

Close the water valve behind the toilet. Disconnect the water line to the toilet with his key, loosen two floor bolts at the base of the toilet, toilet and lift out. You will keep the toilet drain hole in the center of the floor.

Install Tile in Small Bathrooms

Use chalk snapline to divide floor into four even squares, with two intersecting lines. intersection should be in center of floor. Use notched mortar trowel to spread thinset mortar over intersection, covering few square feet of floor surface.

You will still be able to see lines through mortar. Press first floor tiles in place in mortar, at intersection of lines. Put spacers between them.

Build out from there, spreading more mortar as needed and working your way out toward edges of floor. Cut partial tiles along wall and tub on platform tile cutter as needed. Use tile nippers to break and shape tiles to go around toilet drain, leaving about ΒΌ inch of space between edges of tiles and drain.

It doesn’t matter that edges of tiles around drain will be jagged and uneven, since toilet base will be covering it.

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How to Install Tile in Small Bathrooms

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