Install Solar Power Panel

Solar power panels offset energy costs and reduce dependence on purchased in trading power. Environmentally friendly technology uses solar energy and converts it into useful energy source. Installing solar energy panel can be carried out with easy understanding of the mechanism.

solar power systems can by selling excess energy they collect, but the installation of basic solar panel is not difficult project to connect itself mains. Assess best location for solar panels when plan has been predetermined. Installation should be for longest sunlight solar panel best access.

Install Solar Power Panel

Measure location to mount panels. Use stud finder to locate rafters. Lay out hardware mounting kit for panel.

Align mount with rafter location, so hardware supports weight of panel. Drill pilot holes for lag bolts before installation to avoid damage to rafters. Place mounts in place and secure bolts. Check for mounts being stable and secure before you attach solar power panel.

Attach rails to mounts and secure panel to rails. Bolt in place with hardware provided.

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How to Install Solar Power Panel

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