Install Solar Power in House

Solar panels are arrays of photovoltaic solar panels. These panels generate energy from sunlight. Solar power is environmentally friendly and clean method of generating renewable energy.

Today the number of people install solar power in their homes. Process of installing panels requires a lot of planning and deliberation. For example, you need to decide the number of disks you need for the project and best place to install them.

Install Solar Power in House

Calculate rough estimate of monthly electricity consumption of your home. You can do this by examining electric bills from past few months. Purchase enough photovoltaic solar panels that go beyond your energy requirements by almost 25 percent.

Also, buy solar panels that generate at least 250 watts each. Use rail mounting system for securing solar panels to roof. You will get exact instructions of installing panels along with your equipment.

First, spot out specific area on your house roof that receives lot of sunlight. Then, use stud finder for locating rafters installed in that particular area of roof. After locating rafters, secure solar mounts on these rafters using roofing nails or screws.

rails will have to be installed along these mounts. Fasten solar panels on rails using stainless steel lag bolts. Connect solar panels together. First, open junction boxes of all solar panels and then, connect negative end of one panel to positive end of next one. This way, all panels will be coupled in series and you will be left with just last panel.

Connect both leads from last panel to charge controller, which will maintain steady voltage flow across system.

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How to Install Solar Power in House

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