Install Solar Panels on My Roof

Solar panels have become very popular these days. More and more people are to generate the changeover to these environmentally friendly way of electricy. Mounting solar panel on the roof is not very complicated project.

However, it is important to have another person helping you, because you are working on the roof. Determine best location on the roof for mounting solar panels. Location should continuously receive sunlight, causing the shadows without obstacles.

Install Solar Panels on My Roof

Solar panels are usually mounted facing southwest to achieve this objective. Locate supporting rafters beneath your roof. You can use stud finder for this purpose.

For marking straight lines for placement of each mount, use chalk line or laser sight leveling. Then, use drill for pre-drilling holes in center of rafters to avoid splitting of rafters. Use stainless steel bolts for installing mounts in pre-drilled holes.

Put metal flashing over mounts and seal area around mounts using heated tar. Fasten metal rails to mounts using 3 or 8-inch bolts. Install panels on mounts along rails. Secure them with steel bolts. Then install solar panel conduit and run wires for connecting panels to inverter.

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How to Install Solar Panels on My Roof

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