Install Solar Panels on Flat Commercial Roof

Many commercial property owners to install various types of roof photovoltaic systems consisting of solar cells or modules, which convert sunlight into electricity. Installation methods include roof structures, rack-mounted and integrated systems. Regardless of type of system installers need great care exercised harmful roof to avoid, which can lead to suction, water penetration or structural problems.

Participate licensed roofers evaluate remaining life of the roofing. Check site area for the mounting surface to ensure not require repairs. Examine moisture problems or leaks and make repairs as needed.

Install Solar Panels on Flat Commercial Roof

Some specifications call for roof to provide minimum of 20 years of useful life or replacement of existing roof coverings. This approach avoids expense of removing PV equipment to make roof repairs. Move photovoltaic installation materials to roof.

Place containers of PV components over joists. Place pallets on plywood deck to protect roof surface. Transport materials and equipment on moving equipment with pneumatic tires. Avoid placing corner of hard panels on roof surface, which creates point loads in coverings.

Determine module orientation — profile or landscape mode. Position panel so that short sides run parallel to rails for profile mode. panels will have east-west direction.

Attach panels so that long side of panel sits parallel to rail in north-south direction for landscape mode. Use stud finder to locate roof rafters. Lay out locations of rail footings.

Depending on system, distance between footings may vary from 4 to 12 feet. Minimizing number of footings reduces risk of developing roof leak.

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How to Install Solar Panels on Flat Commercial Roof

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