Install Solar Panels on Camper

If recreational vehicle RV is not connected to power source, it can be operated from the generator or its own batteries. Drain on batteries supplemented with alternative energy source. most commonly used source is solar power.

In most cases, batteries are only executed lighting and water pump and some lessons, but equipped with electric inverters to solar system whole unit can be supplied with power. Wattage consumption must be calculated to determine how much solar power capacity needed to keep up with demands fees. Determine amount of power required to run common electrical appliances in your RV.

Install Solar Panels on Camper

Wattage outputs can be found on informational labeling of most large appliances. Locate RV batteries. If adding batteries to unit, link batteries negative to negative and positive to positive, using #1 to #2 gauge wiring.

Find location on RV roof to place solar panel. lower point with least wind resistance is preferred if you will be traveling with panel attached. point should also be near easy location to run wiring to batteries, such as near refrigerator vent.

Screw solar panel or solar panels and or or solar panel mount onto roof. Seal screw holes to prevent water from leaking into roof.

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How to Install Solar Panels on Camper

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